Us Against One Clothing Zerofucks Racing Shirt

Image of Us Against One Clothing Zerofucks Racing Shirt

If you have ever seen a dedicated racecar, regardless if it is a local club or a professional series, then you know that at the end of the race the winning driver gives about zero fucks about the lifespan of that car. Zipties, broken knuckles, electrical tape, tire marks, and dents are the physical memories that enthusiasts remember about a race weekend. While some may be offended by four letter words, having fun with your friends and building something that you like is really the only thing to give a fuck about.

This artwork is inspired by a photo from our friends at Cam Auto Mag

Medium and Large sizes are printed on a 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt.

Extra Large shirts are offered in a Hanes ComfortBlend 50/50 blend shirt to promote the best fit for the life of the shirt.